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210 Litre Drum 55.5 US Gallons

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A regular on-line and off-line washing schedule is essential to operate any gas turbine at its peak performance.

A major source of power loss for gas turbines is airborne contaminants, fouling the compressor and Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs). These foreign contaminants reduce the efficiency of the compressor blades and IGVs.

Regular scheduled compressor washing with ZOK 27 provides:

  • A reduction in unplanned downtime
  • A reduction in exhaust gas temperature
  • Power recovery
  • An increase in fuel efficiency
  • A reduction in harmful emissions
  • An increase in the overall lifespan of engine components.


Our Original Formula: Developed with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence for use with Search & Rescue helicopters.

The water based, biodegradable, cleaner and corrosion inhibitor package offered by ZOK 27 gas turbine compressor and gas path cleaner allows the unique ability to start a washed and protected engine on demand, without needing to rinse before use.

Corrosion inhibition performance and duration are dependant on environmental conditions. Corrosion inhibition effectiveness can be restored with a simple engine wash (with no demineralised water rinse).

Available in concentrate and ready to use forms.

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