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Supreme International Ltd. has good relation with world famous companies. Services range from the reliable supply of spares and accessories through strong support for customer-maintained spares inventories to the complete management of spares from various reputed company for individual customers.

Spares and Accessories

Supreme International Ltd. is the ideal source for product replacement and appropriate accessories. We can replace any given piece of equipment with an exact duplicate or with a newer product that provides equal or better functionality and capability.

Additional benefits include:

>Periodic Product Testing
>>Systematic Verification and Repair of Spares
>>>Product Updates
>>>>Constant Verification of Obsolescence
>>>>>Documentation Management

Inventory Support

For customers maintaining their own spares inventories, Supreme International Ltd. can provide reliable guidelines, techniques and timetables for checking, testing and validating spare parts to ensure peak performance and full functionality when placed in service. Our experienced engineer can also provide these services at the customer facilities. 

Spares Management

Through spares management programs for individual customers, we assume total responsibility for the complete spares inventory, Supreme International Lid.’s selected spares management programs provide fully availability of tested products at any time. Erection and commissioning services are also included.


Best Of Our service

Professional Worker

Our passionate service people deliver the right Services for your individual challenges today and in the future.

Service Expert

We have expert service partner around the world. Our Power Plant service experts work in close cooperation with customers to improve the safety, performance, stability and efficiency of Power Plant equipment.

On Time Delivery

We guarantee fast and flexible response to minimize your requirements on time. We give on time delivery as per our commitment with our valued Customers.

Why Choosing Us

Trust Partner

Commitment is built upon existing and upcoming trustworthy partnerships.

Rapid response

We guarantee fast and flexible response to minimize your requirements on time.

Confidence & Quality

Your confidence and trust is our promise. Quality is our power.

Customer Feedback

Emergency Support and Trusted partner.

This company is outstanding in response time, honesty, and thorough remediation. I am so impressed with Mr. Masud. Their customer service and talent are remarkable. If you need any emergency quote and a very reasonable remediation option, call Supreme International Ltd first. Truly, it's a trusted partner company!

Manager 7th Unit GCCPP

- Manager

Great! Support and Trusted partner.

“Supreme International Ltd. works closely with us and their technical teams to ensure that they are thoroughly qualified, trained, and experienced in Tender bidding. We won lot of tender through them. We are so happy to work with them”

Celina Liang

- International Sales Manager, SEIC

Great! Support and Special Care for our project.

Our relationship with Supreme International Ltd. encompasses employees’ right from the field to the executive level, resulting in constant interactions to develop joint business strategies. SIL brings the best of the people to work with the partner community, supporting technology enablement, expertise Cooling tower renovation work.

Leo Yu ( Yu Zhe )

- Senior Sales Manager - Seagull